Birmingham, Alabama    

EDUCATION               UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, Chicago, Illinois

                                            M.A., Teaching of English, May 1995

                                            UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, Birmingham, Alabama

                                            B.A., English (minor in Sociology), December 1985


EXPERIENCE          The Maryland Institute, College of Art

                                           Faculty, Humanities Department & ESL Specialist, Aug.1996‑May 2012


                                           York College of Pennsylvania

                                           Faculty, English Department, 2013- 2015




Mixed Media Series I, solo art show at Funk’s Democratic, September 1998

Mixed Media Series II, individual art show at Simon’s Pub, November 1998

Maryland Institute, College of Art Faculty Show, 1998- 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012

Paper, Rock, Scissors, works shown in Baltimore Gallery (1999)

The Artists of Butchers Hill, featured in Baltimore web site (

Creative Alliance, “The Big Show”, September 1999 & March 2001

Howard County Council for the Arts show, January 2000

Organic Matters, individual art show at Simon’s Pub, Fells Point, December 2000

Butchers Hill House Tour, 2001, Brochure / Cover art

Sabbatical Show, MICA, Fall 2004 (photographs of sabbatical in Romania)

100 Under 100, York Arts, York, PA, Fall 2014

Artwalk, Birmingham, AL, Fall 2016 and 2017

The Hampton Show, Birmingham, AL, November 2016

Ostrich Egg Fundraiser, The Birmingham Zoo, March 2017

Magic City Arts Connection, Birmingham, AL, April 2017 and 2022

ArtiGras, Russell Crossroads, Alex City, AL, July 2017

Holiday Bazaar, Russel Crossroads, Alex City, November 2017

Montevallo Arts Fest, Montevallo, AL, April 2018

Mt. Brook Art Association Spring Show, Mt. Brook, AL, May 2018

Bluff Park Art Show, Hoover, AL, October 2018

Guest Speaker/Presenter, "Encaustic Basics", Mt. Brook Art Association, January 2019

The Grand Show, Barber Motorsport Park, Birmingham, AL, April 2019

Mt. Brook Art Association Spring Show, Birmingham, AL. May 2019

Bluff Park Art Show, Hoover, AL, October 2019 and 2021

Moss Rock Festival, Hoover, AL, November 2019

Blue Light Art Show, Leeds, AL, December 2019 and 2021



Co-Editor of Forays, MICA’s literary arts magazine, Spring 1998

Japanophile Magazine, Spring 1998, “An Interview with Artist Mark Selander”

Maryland TESOL, Spring 1998, “An Activity Lesson Plan”

The Internet TESOL Journal, 1998, “Teaching the Purposes of Discourse” and “What’s            

     the Truth: An ESL Lesson Plan”

Forays, Spring 1998, two poems published

Finalist in Maryland Poetry Review, 1998

The Internet TESOL Journal, October 1999, “S. Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street:

     Experiencing Poetical Prose” (essay and lesson plan)

Professional Development Scholarship recipient, TESOL 2000

American Language Review, February 2001, feature article “Music to Our Ears”

Maryland Institute Lucas Grant Award Recipient, March 2001, February 2002,   

     February 2003, Spring 2008

TESOL HEIS newsletter, August 2001, feature article “Writing Centers & ESL Students”

MATESOL newsletter, October 2001, feature article “The Art of Interviewing”

TESOL Conference 2002, presenter, "Literature, Creativity, and Bloom's Taxonomy"

Language Magazine, December 2002, feature article “Synthesizing Learning”

Language Magazine, April 2004, feature article “Writing in Romania: A Teacher’s

       Adventure in Service”

Baltimore Dog Magazine, Winter 2007, “Good Manners Make Good Neighbors”

Baltimore Dog Magazine, Summer 2008, “Agility Training”

Baltimore Book Festival, October 2008, poetry reading

Cultural Expansion Grant Recipient, April 2009

Language Magazine, April 2009, feature article “Learning on the Eightfold Path”

Tennis View Magazine, Summer 2009, feature article “Working the 4 Agreements

       On and Off the Court”

Baltimore Dog Magazine, Spring 2010, “Mountain Getaway at Wooflands”

Maryland Writers Association, September 2010, reading of creative work at

       Arts in the Park, Towson Arts Collective

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature Journal, Fall 2010,

       “The Queen of Scrabble” (creative non-fiction)

TESOL CONNECTIONS, February 2011, “Language Learners and Anxiety: Breathing

        Techniques for Self-Calming”

TESOL HEIS Newsletter, Issue 30-1, March 2011, feature article “Language Learners

        and Anxiety: Breathing Techniques for Self-Calming” (reprinted upon request)

Muscadine Lines, A Southern Journal, January-March edition 2010, “Gingham Ducks

        and Retread Soles” (creative non-fiction)

Kimberly Anderson, Jenny Carson  & Carole Poppleton. Art 101: Understanding

       Visual Artforms in Our World Workbook. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishers,


Kimberly Anderson, Jenny Carson  & Carole Poppleton-Schrading. Art 101:  

       Understanding Visual Artforms in Our World Workbook. 2nd Ed. Dubuque, IA

       Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2012

The Airasia Magazine,  Issue 42, January 2011, “Pachyderm Sanctuary”

Diverse Voices Quarterly, Volume 3, Issue 12,  “Discovering Playboy”

       (creative non-fiction)                                         

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Journal, February 2012, “Rituals of

       Beauty: Remembering My Mother‘s Hair” (creative non-fiction)

Life as a Human: The Human Interest Magazine for Evolving Minds, October 2012,  

       “Saying Good-bye, Again” (creative non-fiction)

Southern Women’s Review, January 2014, “Revising the Past” (creative non-fiction)


Mt Brook Art Association, 2017 - present

Mt Brook Art Association - VP Of Programming, 2020

Greater Birmingham Humane Society, lead volunteer, 2015 - present